News Articles About Trump and Golf

Title Source Date
New Secret Service costs for Trump at Mar-a-Lago revealed Newsweek 01/17/2018
Past Presidents volunteered on MLK Day. Donald Trump is spending it at his golf club. Huffington Post 01/15/2018
An Obama Pentagon chief just said what we're all thinking about Trump and the Hawaai nuke scare Washington Press 01/13/2018
Trump's tax reform could dent the golf industry Fox Business 01/04/2018
Report: The American public spent $43 million last year so Trump could play golf MSN 01/02/2018
White House says secret rounds of golf make Donald Trump a better President Huffington Post 01/02/2018
Video footage offers rare behind-the-scenes look at Trump golf course Golf 01/02/2018
Unlike Obama, Trump uses golf course for business The Washington Times 01/01/2018
Fore! Golf is not just a passion for Trump, but also a business NBC News 12/31/2017
Trees planted on golf course where truck blocked CNN's camera view: Report Washington Examiner 12/31/2017
Celebrity chef rips Trump for building golf course sea wall while denying global warming The Hill 12/29/2017
Our reporter Mike Schmidt on his golf club interview with President Trump New York Times 12/29/2017
Match the international incident to Donald Trump's round of golf-quiz The Guardian 12/26/2017
Why Trump's golf habit is the ultimate metaphor for his bizarre Presidency Vanity Fair 12/26/2017
Over golf and an airport chat, Trump and GOP hashed out a historic tax plan The Wall Street Journal 12/20/2017
New York golfers avoiding Trump's course Crain's New York Business 12/19/2017
Drunk man crashes through Trump golf course gate: cops New York Post 12/12/2017
Does Lindsey Graham's tweet about Trump's golf course cause an ethics problem? The State 12/11/2017
Senator Lindsey Graham promotes Trump property after golfing with President Huffington Post 12/11/2017
Donald Trump's golf habit could land him in court Vanity Fair 12/06/2017
Trump accuser's lawyer mocks golf habit: 'We can take a deposition down to Mar-a-Lago' The Hill 12/05/2017
Mueller's investigation cost taxpayers $7 million, which is equal to Trump golfing at Mar-a-Lago twice Orlando Weekly 12/05/2017
Secret Service spent $7,500 on golf carts during Trump's Thanksgiving Mar-a-Lago trip USA Today 11/29/2017
Faxon: Trump found out about Egypt bombing on 9th hold during round with Tiger, DJ Golf 11/28/2017
Donald Trump seems to be getting a little defensive about all his golfing Huffington Post 11/27/2017
Trump has been on a golfing binge in Florida, delaying White House duties Newsweek 11/25/2017
Trump touts busy day of meetings--then appears to play golf The Guardian 11/22/2017
Trump's team insists he has a 'full schedule' an hour before he goes golfing The Washington Post 11/22/2017
One tax loophole untouched so far: the Trump golf-course break Bloomberg 11/09/2017
As the world watches Trump in Korea, his New Jersey golf course gets a plug NPR 11/08/2017
President Trump's golf game includes big-name pros, plenty of controversy Golf Week 11/07/2017
How much golf does Donald Trump play compared to average players? Golfworld 11/07/2017
Trump to golf Tokyo 2020 Olympics course with Abe, world No. 4 Matsuyama ABC News 11/04/2017
The Trump Tapes: Two very different ways to interpret video of the president scraping up a putt Golf 10/30/2017
Cyclist rides along President Trump's motorcade, flips him off New York Daily News 10/30/2017
Trump finds golf isn't the way to Congress' heart Politico 10/28/2017
Trump has gone to his Virginia golf course every weekend in October Golf 10/28/2017
Private prison executives held their conference at a Trump golf resort Salon 10/26/2017
Donald Trump 'definitely open' to playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe CNN Sport 10/23/2017
Trump asked Kirk Cousins a lot of questions during golf outing New York Post 10/23/2017
Cartoons: Best of Donald Trump on the golf course The Mercury News 10/19/2017
A Trump golf course said it gave millions to charity. Here's what the numbers say NPR 10/18/2017
Trump hits golf course again with sometimes-critic Lindsey Graham Fox News 10/14/2017
Insults, lawsuits and broken rules: how Trump built a California golf course NPR 10/12/2017
'He hit the ball on the screws': Sen. Graham details President Trump's improbable 73 Golf 10/11/2017
Trump boosts loans to Scottish golf courses amid mounting losses Bloomberg Politics 10/07/2017
Trump goes to golf course dressed for golf while Hurricane Nate bears down Independent Journal Review 10/07/2017
Secret Service spent $137K on golf carts to protect Trump at New Jersey, Florida clubs USA Today 10/05/2017
Golfers say Trump has the best game of any president CNBC 10/04/2017
Trump's apathy about Puerto Rico is reflected in where he's spending his weekend The Washington Post 09/30/2017
Defaced golf greens at Trump's N.J. club lead to arrest USA Today 09/30/2017
Lost weekend: How Trump's time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria The Washington Post 09/29/2017
Tom Price resigns over private jet scandal--but Trump's golf trips cost taxpayers far more Salon 09/29/2017
Donald Trump accused of 'owing' Puerto Rico $33m after golf club bankruptcy Independent 09/27/2017
Trump expected to attend Sunday at Presidents Cup Golf Channel 09/27/2017
Tour winner Malnati offers support for anthem protests Golf Channel 09/24/2017
Vandal strikes four Trump golf courses in New York, New Jersey Golfweek 09/20/2017
Trump's divisive presidency reshapes a key part of his private business The Washington Post 09/17/2017
North Carolina triathlon canceled after dropping Trump name Star Tribune 09/16/2017
Trump declines to release list of his Mar-a-Lago visitors New York Times 09/15/2017
Trump administration refuses to turn over Mar-A-Lago records Mother Jones 09/15/2017
Democratic senator asks administration to turn over Trump golf records USA Today 09/14/2017
Trump hires company owned by Chinese government to build golf course Golf Digest 09/11/2017
How is President Trump's business doing? Check the electoral college New York Times 09/09/2017
Trump's beachfront Mar-a-Lago Club ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma approaches The Washington Post 09/08/2017
Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president USA Today 09/06/2017
'Where was Obama during Katrina?' Trick question Chicago Tribune 09/01/2017
Trump firm's bid for new Scottish golf course blocked by sewage row The Guardian 08/29/2017
Late wages for migrant workers at a Trump golf course in Dubai New York Times 08/26/2017
Trump's Scottish golf plans face new obstacles after Charlottesville CNN Money 08/23/2017
Exclusive: Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family USA Today 08/21/2017
More Mar-a-Lago customers dump Trump CNN Money 08/19/2017
Analysis: Trump's golf vacation drives wedge within GOP ABC News 08/18/2017
Donald Trump's golf course plaque honors fake Civil War battle Rolling Stone 08/17/2017
Where does Donald Trump stay when he's at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey? Golf News Net 08/17/2017
Trott suggests Trump stick to golf, not news conferences Detroit Free Press 08/16/2017
Barack Obama talked trash while beating Michael Phelps, Chris Paul and Anthony Anderson at golf Golf 08/12/2017
Trump is golfing less, on average, than Obama--but there's a $57 million catch The Daily Dot 08/11/2017
Russian spy plane flies over Trump's New Jersey golf club, DC area Fox News 08/09/2017
Working? Vacation? Working vacation?: Inside the 17-day sojourn of Donald Trump CNN Politics 08/08/2017
Trump doesn't want to tell you if he's playing golf (Spoiler: He is.) Huffington Post 08/07/2017
As Trump plays golf, trouble brews BBC News 08/06/2017
Trump heads to his New Jersey golf club for 17-day 'working vacation' NPR 08/04/2017
Golf: The sport of plutocrats Moyers & company 08/04/2017
By end of August, Trump will have spent three times as many days at leisure as Obama The Washington Post 08/03/2017
Trump's golf game tells us an awful lot about Trump The Washington Post 08/02/2017
Commander in cheat: Trump regularly breaks the rules of golf, exaggerates his handicap Salon 08/02/2017
First Golfer: Donald Trump's relationship with golf has never been more complicated Golf 08/01/2017
Scotland is blocking the expansion of Donald Trump's empire Mother Jones 07/28/2017
Coast Guard: Paddlers can use Potomac near Trump golf course ABC News 07/25/2017
Hopes that more business groups will visit Doonbeg The Clare Herald 07/25/2017
After telling Senate not to leave until healthcare is done, Trump left to play golf all weekend Politicus USA 07/23/2017
Donald Trump's son Eric arrives in Ireland to play golf in Doonbeg, Co Clare Irish Mirror 07/22/2017
See inside Trump's New Jersey golf club, where he'll likely spend much of August Business Insider 07/21/2017
Trump vs. Obama: Golf course outings piling up six months into Donald's presidency Newsweek 07/20/2017
Robert Mueller conflict of interest? He left Trump National Golf Club over fees Golf News Net 07/20/2017
Donald Trump's own golf tournament now has failing ratings Newsweek 07/19/2017
House Democrats say Potomac should stay open near Trump golf course The Washington Post 07/19/2017
Republican governors spent over $400K at Trump golf course The Hill 07/19/2017
Is the presidency good for Trump's business? Not necessarily at this golf course. The Boston Globe 07/18/2017
Spectators at golf tournament often direct gaze toward Trump THe Washington Post 07/18/2017
Coast Guard wants to kick boats off Potomac River when president is golfing The Washington Post 07/17/2017
Trump continues to talk up appearances at his golf club for U.S. Women's Open Los Angeles Times 07/16/2017
Golf: Trump's presence felt at U.S. Women's Open Reuters 07/15/2017
Trump likely headed to U.S. Women's Open this weekend in New Jersey USA Today 07/10/2017
Prepare for a Trump cameo at the most prestigious women's golf tournament Vanity Fair 07/10/2017
After Trump comment, Lincicome taking Twitter break Golf Channel 07/09/2017
Trump personally pockets club membership fees, breaking with industry norms McClatchy DC Bureau 07/07/2017
Why doesn't Donald Trump drive his super -fast golf cart everywhere? Vanity Fair 07/06/2017
Phil Mickelson tabbed to design future Trump Organization golf course in Bali CBS Sports 07/06/2017
Fahrenthold's next project: Trump golf partners Axios 07/06/2017
Trump has been to his golf club in Virginia 11 times as president--and beyond the Mississippi once The Washington Post 07/05/2017
How many times has President Donald Trump played golf while in office? Golf News Net 07/01/2017
Trump's first July fourth as President will be low-key, and mostly spent playing golf Vanity Fair 06/30/2017
Donald Trump's golf courses displayed fake Time magazine cover Rolling Stone 06/27/2017
Brookings Institution takes on biggest charitable tax break used by President Trump Forbes 06/24/2017
President Trump angers golf fans by driving golf cart on green The Washington Post 06/23/2017
Trump golfing? Aides won't say, but video tells the tale CNN Politics 06/23/2017
Trump Organization seeks hefty tax break for Westchester golf club ABC News 06/21/2017
Kirk Cousins plays a round of golf with President Trump The Washington Post 06/14/2017
Trump Spends Weekend At Bedminster Golf Club In Wake Of Comey Testimony CBS New York 06/10/2017
How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business Forbes 06/06/2017
Trump pledges to 'work every single day' to fight terror, hours after golfing with Peyton Manning The Washington Post 06/05/2017
Peyton Manning joins Trump at golf club CNN Politics 06/04/2017
At the 'Summer White House', you are never far from a Trump photo New York Times 06/03/2017
Trump golf course struggles in the Bronx, where many can't afford to play New York Times 06/02/2017
Golf tournament says 'adios' to Trump's Doral course Miami Herald 06/01/2017
Senior P.G.A. Championship, Held at Trump National Golf Club, Draws Protests New York Times 05/28/2017
For Trump's golf course, PGA tournament is 'the greatest marketing in the world' The Washington Post 05/26/2017
Senior PGA at Trump National D.C. kicks off big summer for Donald Trump's golf interests Golf 05/24/2017
John Daly thinks President Trump is doing a hell of a job Golf Digest 05/24/2017
Flash mob of 200 spells out 'RESIST!' at Trump golf club near Los Angeles ABC News 05/14/2017
Trump 'hits a few balls' on Mother's Day New York Post 05/14/2017
Instagram proves key to exposing the rounds of golf President Trump tries to keep secret People 05/08/2017
Reporters scour Instagram to keep up on Trump weekend outings CBS News 05/07/2017
Donald Trump's Thrifty Vacation to New Jersey The Atlantic 05/06/2017
'Spend Your Free Time In A Red State': A motorcade of protesters rolls by Trump's N.J. property The Washington Post 05/06/2017
A Day (And A Cheeseburger) With President Trump WBUR 05/05/2017
Did bankrupt Trump golf course in Puerto Rico leave taxpayers on the hook? Politifact 05/04/2017
Judicial Watch Releases First Set of Numbers on President Trump Travel Judicial Watch 05/04/2017
Flying Trump to Mar-a-Lago twice cost at least $1.2 million AP News 05/04/2017
Donald Trump has plaque at his golf course commemorating civil war battle that never happened Golf Digest 05/02/2017
Feds Expected To Reimburse Security Costs When Trump Visits His Bedminster Club CBS New York 05/02/2017
Trump travels to his golf club in Va. The Hill 04/30/2017
Donald Trump says he 'couldn't care less about golf' Golf 04/29/2017
Trump says trips to New York City cost the US too much Fox News 04/29/2017
Chelsea Handler Begs Trump to Spend More Time Golfing, Less Time President-ing Daily Beast 04/27/2017
Watch Caitlyn Jenner on Why She Won't Play Golf With President Trump Rolling Stone 04/26/2017
Report: Trump likely to make U.S. Women's Open site Bedminster his summer getaway Golf 04/24/2017
Trump, The Golfer In Chief NPR Weekend Edition Sunday 04/23/2017
This week in Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest: It’s good to be the kids Salon 04/22/2017
Trump voters don't believe he has played more golf than Obama in first 3 months Business Insider 04/20/2017
Fact Check: Are President Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago similar to Obama's travels? Chicago Tribune 04/19/2017
What Eric Trump really thinks of his father's frequent golf trips New York Daily News 04/18/2017
How much do Donald Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago cost? Politifact 04/18/2017
It’s not just the golf: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ethics mess gets worse MSNBC 04/17/2017
Who plays more golf: Donald Trump or Barack Obama? Politifact 04/17/2017
How Donald Trump became the golfer-in-chief The Guardian 04/17/2017
A rare look at Trump playing golf Axios 04/14/2017
Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year CNN Politics 04/10/2017
Trump spotted at Florida golf club The Hill 04/09/2017
President Trump to return to Palm Beach for Easter weekend Palm Beach Daily News 04/09/2017
Donald Trump's travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama spent in two years Independent 04/06/2017
First Family's Needs Strain Secret Service New York Times 04/06/2017
When Xi Jinping Visits Trump at Mar-a-Lago, ‘Nothing Involving Golf Clubs’ New York Times 04/05/2017
Trump Spends Way, Way More Taxpayer Money Golfing Than Obama Did Time 04/05/2017
Tracking the President's Visits to Trump Properties New York Times 04/05/2017
Rory McIlroy says he would ‘think twice’ about playing golf with Trump again The Washington Post 04/04/2017
Trump National Golf Club Vandalized, Course Spray-Painted NBC Universal Media 04/03/2017
Why Trump's golf diplomacy won't work with China's Xi Jinping CNN Politics 04/03/2017
On Golf Course, Trump Talks Health Care With Dr. Rand Paul NBC News 04/02/2017
Trump hits the golf course to talk healthcare with Republican critic Rand Paul Business Insider 04/02/2017
Trump Tees Off With Rand Paul to Show GOP ‘Love’ on Health Care Bloomberg 04/02/2017
White House said Donald Trump was in meetings, but he was pictured golfing (again) Independent 03/31/2017
New Yorker Cover Takes a Swing at Trump's White House Mother Jones 03/31/2017
Taxpayers pick up the tab for Trump’s pricey golf excursions Los Angeles Times 03/29/2017
The L.P.G.A. Tour and Donald Trump: It’s Complicated New York Times 03/28/2017
Nearly 1 out of every 3 days he has been president, Trump has visited a Trump property The Washington Post 03/26/2017
Sean Spicer wants you to know that Trump’s golfing is strategic and/or not happening The Washington Post 03/20/2017
Was Trump Golfing? White House Shrouds Time at His Clubs in Mystery New York Times 03/19/2017
Trump makes latest visit to golf club The Hill 03/18/2017
Trump’s questionable Irish proverb, Paul Ryan’s ‘despicable’ pint and other St. Patrick’s Day mishaps The Washington Post 03/17/2017
How much is Donald Trump’s travel and protection costing, anyway? The Washington Post 03/17/2017
Environmental activists deface popular Trump golf course in California Chicago Tribune 03/12/2017
With Trump in White House, His Golf Properties Prosper New York Times 03/09/2017
Protest group collects 100K signatures urging USGA to 'dump Trump' Golf 03/07/2017
Trump visits golf course after tweeting Obama wiretap accusations Washington Examiner 03/04/2017
Weekend Getaways and Golf Outings: How Trump Is Repeating Behaviors He Criticized in Obama People 03/03/2017
Rory McIlroy 'taken aback' by reaction to playing golf with Donald Trump CNN Sport 03/01/2017
A tee time with Trump? Pro golfers say absolutely New York Times 02/23/2017
Trump's aides don't want to admit the President is golfing CNN Politics 02/20/2017
Trump’s first month of travel expenses cost taxpayers just less than what Obama spent in a year Think Progress 02/20/2017
Donald Trump goes golfing five more times than Barack Obama so far Independent 02/18/2017
Here's how much Trump's Florida trips are likely costing taxpayers CNBC 02/17/2017
Trump Criticized Obama for Golfing. Now He Spends Weekends on the Links. New York Times 02/12/2017
Trump flying to Florida again for golf with Japanese prime minister Washington Times 02/09/2017
Donal Trump has an ace, but lots of AT&T golf failure James Raia 02/05/2017
Trump weekend trip to Florida cost taxpayer $3M: report The Hill 02/03/2017
Inside the lawsuit against President Trump's Jupiter, Fla. Club Golf 02/03/2017
Conflict of interest fear as Trump looks to expand Scotland golf resort Independent 01/19/2017
How good is Donald Trump the golfer? Golfworld 01/17/2017
Lessons from playing golf with Trump The New Yorker 01/14/2017
Is Donald Trump lying about having a three handicap? The Guardian 10/27/2016
Golfers Say Trump Reneged on Deal New York Times 02/26/2016

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