News Articles About Trump and Golf

Title Source Date
Greg Norman defends Donald Trump's golf habits as he arrives at the White House State Dinner alongside his fellow Australian, media heir Lachlan Murdoch Daily Mail 09/21/2019
Oops: the Air Force has stayed at Trump's Turnberry resort 40 times Vanity Fair 09/13/2019
Air Force crew made an odd stop on a routine trip: Trump’s Scottish resort Politico 09/06/2019
Video appears to show Trump golfing in Virginia in the run-up to catastrophic Hurricane Dorian Business Insider 09/01/2019
Trump pushes back on complaint of bed bugs at his Doral golf resort The Washington Post 08/27/2019
Two planes intercepted over President Trump's NJ golf club for entering no-fly zone Fox News 08/03/2019
Trump retweets commercial for his international golf courses Huffington Post 07/14/2019
Immigrants fired from Trump golf clubs seek White House meeting CBS News 07/06/2019
Trump says he doesn't know about undocumented workers at his clubs The Washington Post 07/05/2019
'Irresponsible': Cost of Donald Trump's July 4 military parade blasted by national park advocacy group Newsweek 07/01/2019
Trump's Scottish golf course trashed the environment so badly that its sand dunes will lose their protected status Business Insider 06/28/2019
Trump's $3.6 Million Ireland Detour Brings Taxpayer-Funded Golf Tab to $105.8 Million HuffPost 06/07/2019
Trump resort revenue has gone up after presidential visits Politico 06/06/2019
Trump's golf cart rental expenses set to surpass $500,000 Quartz 05/29/2019
Donald Trump had the best golf round of his life last month CNN Politics 05/18/2019
How golf explains Trump. Seriously Vox 05/10/2019
Taxpayers footed a $1,000 bar tab at Trump's Mar-a-Lago. That's just for starters Los Angeles Times 05/04/2019
The Secret Service is racking up huge expenses so Trump can (allegedly cheat at) golf Mother Jones 04/24/2019
Inside Trump's hidden life on the golf course Politico 04/14/2019
Fore! The wacky world of golfing with Donald Trump Star News Online 04/13/2019
Trump weighs in on 2019 Masters at Augusta National USA Today 04/11/2019
Whatever Trump is playing, it isn't golf The Atlantic 04/07/2019
Trump is the world's worst cheat at golf, players and celebs say New York Post 03/30/2019
Kid Rock goes golfing with Donald Trump decked out in red, white, and blue Taste of Country 03/27/2019
Canoers declare victory in Trump golf course dispute gaining Potomac access WAMU 88.5 03/22/2019
Loudoun officials investigating downed trees at Trump Golf course WAMU 88.5 03/01/2019
President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House The Washington Post 02/13/2019
Trump’s Secret Service may have just set a spending record for presidential golf carts Quartz 11/30/2018
Secret Service set to spend more than $90,000 on renting golf carts Washington Examiner 11/30/2018
Donald Trump has a golf problem CNN The Point 11/27/2018
The Secret Service needs turbo-charged golf carts to protect Trump at Mar-a-Lago Quartz 11/21/2018
Trump's cellphone left behind in golf cart: Report The Washington Times 10/25/2018
How Trump's golf predicted his presidency Yahoo! Sports 10/25/2018
Jean Chretien's thoughts on a round of golf with Bill Clinton, and the bogeyman Trump The Star 10/14/2018
Trump's Scotland golf course lost $4.5 million in 2017, new report says The Washington Post 10/04/2018
Trump arrives late in NYC after praising Tiger Woods on Twitter New York Post 09/23/2018
Canoe group sues over Potomac River shutdown for Trump's golfing Huffington Post 09/21/2018
Pissed-off paddlers sue over Potomac access affected by Trump's golf habit dcist 09/20/2018
President Trump asks about his North Carolina golf course during Hurricane Florence visit Fortune 09/19/2018
Donald Trump's golf cart rental fees cost taxpayers more than $300K: Report People 09/06/2018
Trump has visited his golf courses on 25% of his 590 days in office Business Insider 09/02/2018
Trump says Lake Norman is the world's largest man-made lake. (It's not...) The Charlotte Observer 08/31/2018
Alice Cooper on playing golf with Donald Trump: 'Everyone cheats' Ultimate Classic Rock 08/26/2018
Report: Aides plan to distract Trump from Russia probe with rallies and golf New York Magazine 08/22/2018
You might be surprised to see who pays Donald Trump to hold events at his N.J. golf courses 08/13/2018
White House staff offered discounts at Trump's NJ golf club: report The Hill 08/13/2018
Thanks to Trump, these N.J. 4-H kids can't fly their model airplanes 08/10/2018
President Trump's summer getaway: Don't call it a vacation AP News 08/10/2018
Trump's golf game with Congress still stuck in a sandtrap Roll Call 08/06/2018
Inside Trump's summer playground Axios 08/05/2018
Dead man washes up near Trump golf course at Ferry Point Park The Bronx Chronicle 08/04/2018
Trump loses appeal to Doral golf resort tenant whose rent he tried to raise 583 percent Miami Herald 08/03/2018
Dems want details on Secret Service expenses during Trump's trip to Scottish golf course The Hill 08/01/2018
Documents: Trump golf course damaged sand dunes in Scotland AP News 07/30/2018
The Washington Post is asking the public for help identifying Trump's golf partners Business Insider 07/28/2018
Trump's golf habit is no secret...but the same can't be said for his playing partners Golf 07/27/2018
Have U.S. taxpayers spent $72 million on Trump's golf outings? The Washington Post 07/27/2018
Help us identify Trump's unknown golf partners The Washington Post 07/27/2018
Trump Organization submits plan for $200 million investment in Scottish golf resort Reuters 07/24/2018
Trump can't win at foreign policy the way he wins at golf The Washington Post 07/24/2018
Air Force fighter intercepts plane near Trump golf course New York Times 07/21/2018
Trump's visits ground business at small New Jersey airports New York Times 07/20/2018
Mike Tirico shares a funny Donald Trump golf story For the Win 07/20/2018
Donald Trump's stay at his own resort in Scotland cost U.S. taxpayers $68,800: Report People 07/17/2018
Trump tweets weekend golfing plans as protests continue The Guardian 07/14/2018
Where did Donald Trump get two hundred million dollars to buy his money-losing Scottish golf club? The New Yorker 07/13/2018
Trump visit to net Glasgow luxury rental firm nearly 1 million pounds The Scotsman 07/13/2018
Some members of Trump's exclusive clubs appear to have been invited to an Air Force One tour BuzzFeed News 07/09/2018
As President Trump returns to Bedminster, so do protesters My Central Jersey 07/07/2018
President Trump's July fourth: Golf, picnic, and tweeting USA Today 07/04/2018
Reserved Trump celebrates two passions: Military and golf New York Times 07/03/2018
UK government to foot police bill for Trump's golfing trip to Scotland The Guardian 07/03/2018
Hockey fundraiser held at Trump golf course in New Jersey will move after 2018 The Inquirer 06/25/2018
Highland fury as Trump rival drives golf course plan forward The Guardian 06/23/2018
Company owned by Chinese government awarded another contract at Trump development McClatchy DC Bureau 06/14/2018
Trump "charity" exposed as elaborate scheme to make golf debts go away Vanity Fair 06/14/2018
How we know Trump will be returning to Bedminster this summer (and how you'll pay for his golf carts) 06/13/2018
There's a Donald Trump impersonator roaming Shinnecock, and he's tremendous Golf 06/12/2018
Could golf be a part of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's historic meeting in Singapore? GolfWorld 06/07/2018
Trump's spent far more going to Mar-a-Lago alone than the Mueller probe has cost The Washington Post 06/01/2018
Trump's Scottish golf resort pays women significantly less than men: Report The Huffington Post 05/26/2018
Anti-Trump activists plan Memorial Day weekend rallies in Bedminster My Central Jersey 05/24/2018
Trump may extend UK visit to play golf in Scotland BBC 05/23/2018
Gunman at Trump Doral Golf Club in Florida is shot by the police New York Times 05/18/2018
Trump reports his golf income dropped since taking office CNN Politics 05/16/2018
President Trump plans to take on the Duke of York in a round of golf while in Scotland The Sun 05/12/2018
Deputies detail bizarre encounters at Trump's South Florida properties The Ledger 05/12/2018
US paid Trump's Scottish resort for VIP hotel stays: report The Hill 05/12/2018
Trump protesters to return to Bedminster this weekend My Central Jersey 05/03/2018
Could golf repair hole in the special relationship? Trump to tee off during visit to the UK The Telegraph 04/28/2018
NJ airports, pilots brace for flight restrictions from Trump's visits to Bedminster 04/26/2018
Donald Trump makes golf horrible again The Boston Globe 04/22/2018
Palm Beach County deputies earn more than $3 million in overtime protecting Trump Sun Sentinel 04/22/2018
No time for golf as Merkel braces for tough talks with Trump Reuters 04/20/2018
Seeking foreign money, G.O.P. donor pushed for Trump to golf with Malaysian premier New York Times 04/19/2018
President Trump congratulates Patrick Reed for Masters victory on Twitter Golf 04/08/2018
Trump News Today: Will the president be the last snowbird to leave Palm Beach? Palm Beach Post 04/06/2018
Trump International Golf Club in Florida vandalized with red paint New York Daily News 04/02/2018
You might as well take the rest of the day off because the President already did Slate 03/30/2018
Students march for their lives as Trump chills at golf course, largely ignores them Huffington Post 03/25/2018
Is Donald Trump at March for our Lives? Apparently, he's golfing instead Elite Daily 03/24/2018
Trump golf club in New York asks to hire more foreign workers The Hill 03/21/2018
Trump's New York golf club once again asks to hire immigrant workers, despite 'America First' pledges New York Daily News 03/21/2018
Trump conflict of interest? 86 percent of RNC's venue, catering last month went to President's properties Newsweek 03/21/2018
Trump's August 'working vacation' to Bedminster cost taxpayers $185,000 USA Today 03/20/2018
John Daly ranks the golf game of the four Presidents he's played with USA Today 03/16/2018
DoD spent $138,000 at Trump properties in six months, transparency group's FOIA reveals Gizmodo 03/14/2018
Did a Trump golf course use the Presidential seal on tee markers? Snopes 03/08/2018
Presidential seal on Trump golf tees? A new low CNN Opinion 03/06/2018
Trump Golf Club agrees to pay $5.45 million to settle lawsuit by angry members Huffington Post 02/25/2018
Greg Norman on how he put Malcolm Turnbull in touch with Donald Trump Australian Broadcasting Corporation 02/19/2018
Trump visits his Florida golf course as families bury school shooting victims just miles away New York Daily News 02/19/2018
Donald Trump makes golf look bad New York Times 02/17/2018
Donald Trump's golf swing? It's pretty good CNN Sport 02/14/2018
Rory McIlroy says Donald Trump is a better golfer than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton USA Today 02/09/2018
Trump Organisation's plan for second golf course opposed by 31,000 The Scotsman 02/06/2018
LPGA start on golf with Trump: 'He cheats like hell' Golf 01/30/2018
A Trump golf course in Florida is suing over its property tax bill The Washington Times 01/29/2018
Let's pause to appreciate that Trump thinks Mueller is biased against him because of golf club fees Slate 01/25/2018
Trump hasn't let the presidency get in the way of his golf game CNN Politics 01/18/2018
New Secret Service costs for Trump at Mar-a-Lago revealed Newsweek 01/17/2018
Past Presidents volunteered on MLK Day. Donald Trump is spending it at his golf club. Huffington Post 01/15/2018
An Obama Pentagon chief just said what we're all thinking about Trump and the Hawaai nuke scare Washington Press 01/13/2018
Trump's tax reform could dent the golf industry Fox Business 01/04/2018
Report: The American public spent $43 million last year so Trump could play golf MSN 01/02/2018
White House says secret rounds of golf make Donald Trump a better President Huffington Post 01/02/2018
Video footage offers rare behind-the-scenes look at Trump golf course Golf 01/02/2018
Unlike Obama, Trump uses golf course for business The Washington Times 01/01/2018
How many days has Trump spent golfing? His Mar-a-Lago retreats are seriously adding up Bustle 12/31/2017
Fore! Golf is not just a passion for Trump, but also a business NBC News 12/31/2017
Trees planted on golf course where truck blocked CNN's camera view: Report Washington Examiner 12/31/2017
Celebrity chef rips Trump for building golf course sea wall while denying global warming The Hill 12/29/2017
Our reporter Mike Schmidt on his golf club interview with President Trump New York Times 12/29/2017
Match the international incident to Donald Trump's round of golf-quiz The Guardian 12/26/2017
Why Trump's golf habit is the ultimate metaphor for his bizarre Presidency Vanity Fair 12/26/2017
Over golf and an airport chat, Trump and GOP hashed out a historic tax plan The Wall Street Journal 12/20/2017
New York golfers avoiding Trump's course Crain's New York Business 12/19/2017
Drunk man crashes through Trump golf course gate: cops New York Post 12/12/2017
Does Lindsey Graham's tweet about Trump's golf course cause an ethics problem? The State 12/11/2017
Senator Lindsey Graham promotes Trump property after golfing with President Huffington Post 12/11/2017
Donald Trump's golf habit could land him in court Vanity Fair 12/06/2017
Trump accuser's lawyer mocks golf habit: 'We can take a deposition down to Mar-a-Lago' The Hill 12/05/2017
Mueller's investigation cost taxpayers $7 million, which is equal to Trump golfing at Mar-a-Lago twice Orlando Weekly 12/05/2017
Secret Service spent $7,500 on golf carts during Trump's Thanksgiving Mar-a-Lago trip USA Today 11/29/2017
Faxon: Trump found out about Egypt bombing on 9th hold during round with Tiger, DJ Golf 11/28/2017
Donald Trump seems to be getting a little defensive about all his golfing Huffington Post 11/27/2017
Trump has been on a golfing binge in Florida, delaying White House duties Newsweek 11/25/2017
Trump touts busy day of meetings--then appears to play golf The Guardian 11/22/2017
Trump's team insists he has a 'full schedule' an hour before he goes golfing The Washington Post 11/22/2017
One tax loophole untouched so far: the Trump golf-course break Bloomberg 11/09/2017
As the world watches Trump in Korea, his New Jersey golf course gets a plug NPR 11/08/2017
President Trump's golf game includes big-name pros, plenty of controversy Golf Week 11/07/2017
How much golf does Donald Trump play compared to average players? Golfworld 11/07/2017
Trump to golf Tokyo 2020 Olympics course with Abe, world No. 4 Matsuyama ABC News 11/04/2017
The Trump Tapes: Two very different ways to interpret video of the president scraping up a putt Golf 10/30/2017
Cyclist rides along President Trump's motorcade, flips him off New York Daily News 10/30/2017
Trump has gone to his Virginia golf course every weekend in October Slate 10/28/2017
Trump finds golf isn't the way to Congress' heart Politico 10/28/2017
Trump has gone to his Virginia golf course every weekend in October Golf 10/28/2017
Private prison executives held their conference at a Trump golf resort Salon 10/26/2017
Donald Trump 'definitely open' to playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe CNN Sport 10/23/2017
Trump asked Kirk Cousins a lot of questions during golf outing New York Post 10/23/2017
Cartoons: Best of Donald Trump on the golf course The Mercury News 10/19/2017
A Trump golf course said it gave millions to charity. Here's what the numbers say NPR 10/18/2017
Trump hits golf course again with sometimes-critic Lindsey Graham Fox News 10/14/2017
Insults, lawsuits and broken rules: how Trump built a California golf course NPR 10/12/2017
Graham offers details on Trump's round of 73 Golf 10/11/2017
'He hit the ball on the screws': Sen. Graham details President Trump's improbable 73 Golf 10/11/2017
Trump boosts loans to Scottish golf courses amid mounting losses Bloomberg Politics 10/07/2017
Trump goes to golf course dressed for golf while Hurricane Nate bears down Independent Journal Review 10/07/2017
Secret Service spent $137K on golf carts to protect Trump at New Jersey, Florida clubs USA Today 10/05/2017
Golfers say Trump has the best game of any president CNBC 10/04/2017
Trump's apathy about Puerto Rico is reflected in where he's spending his weekend The Washington Post 09/30/2017
Defaced golf greens at Trump's N.J. club lead to arrest USA Today 09/30/2017
Lost weekend: How Trump's time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria The Washington Post 09/29/2017
Tom Price resigns over private jet scandal--but Trump's golf trips cost taxpayers far more Salon 09/29/2017
Donald Trump accused of 'owing' Puerto Rico $33m after golf club bankruptcy Independent 09/27/2017
Trump expected to attend Sunday at Presidents Cup Golf Channel 09/27/2017
Tour winner Malnati offers support for anthem protests Golf Channel 09/24/2017
Vandal strikes four Trump golf courses in New York, New Jersey Golfweek 09/20/2017
Trump's divisive presidency reshapes a key part of his private business The Washington Post 09/17/2017
North Carolina triathlon canceled after dropping Trump name Star Tribune 09/16/2017
Trump declines to release list of his Mar-a-Lago visitors New York Times 09/15/2017
Trump administration refuses to turn over Mar-A-Lago records Mother Jones 09/15/2017
Democratic senator asks administration to turn over Trump golf records USA Today 09/14/2017
Trump hires company owned by Chinese government to build golf course Golf Digest 09/11/2017
How is President Trump's business doing? Check the electoral college New York Times 09/09/2017
Trump's beachfront Mar-a-Lago Club ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma approaches The Washington Post 09/08/2017
Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president USA Today 09/06/2017
'Where was Obama during Katrina?' Trick question Chicago Tribune 09/01/2017
Trump firm's bid for new Scottish golf course blocked by sewage row The Guardian 08/29/2017
Late wages for migrant workers at a Trump golf course in Dubai New York Times 08/26/2017
Trump's Scottish golf plans face new obstacles after Charlottesville CNN Money 08/23/2017
Exclusive: Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family USA Today 08/21/2017
More Mar-a-Lago customers dump Trump CNN Money 08/19/2017
Analysis: Trump's golf vacation drives wedge within GOP ABC News 08/18/2017
Donald Trump's golf course plaque honors fake Civil War battle Rolling Stone 08/17/2017
Where does Donald Trump stay when he's at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey? Golf News Net 08/17/2017
Trott suggests Trump stick to golf, not news conferences Detroit Free Press 08/16/2017
Barack Obama talked trash while beating Michael Phelps, Chris Paul and Anthony Anderson at golf Golf 08/12/2017
Trump is golfing less, on average, than Obama--but there's a $57 million catch The Daily Dot 08/11/2017
Russian spy plane flies over Trump's New Jersey golf club, DC area Fox News 08/09/2017
Working? Vacation? Working vacation?: Inside the 17-day sojourn of Donald Trump CNN Politics 08/08/2017
Trump doesn't want to tell you if he's playing golf (Spoiler: He is.) Huffington Post 08/07/2017
As Trump plays golf, trouble brews BBC News 08/06/2017
Trump heads to his New Jersey golf club for 17-day 'working vacation' NPR 08/04/2017
Golf: The sport of plutocrats Moyers & company 08/04/2017
By end of August, Trump will have spent three times as many days at leisure as Obama The Washington Post 08/03/2017
Trump's golf game tells us an awful lot about Trump The Washington Post 08/02/2017
Commander in cheat: Trump regularly breaks the rules of golf, exaggerates his handicap Salon 08/02/2017
First Golfer: Donald Trump's relationship with golf has never been more complicated Golf 08/01/2017
Scotland is blocking the expansion of Donald Trump's empire Mother Jones 07/28/2017
Coast Guard: Paddlers can use Potomac near Trump golf course ABC News 07/25/2017
Hopes that more business groups will visit Doonbeg The Clare Herald 07/25/2017
After telling Senate not to leave until healthcare is done, Trump left to play golf all weekend Politicus USA 07/23/2017
Donald Trump's son Eric arrives in Ireland to play golf in Doonbeg, Co Clare Irish Mirror 07/22/2017
See inside Trump's New Jersey golf club, where he'll likely spend much of August Business Insider 07/21/2017
Trump vs. Obama: Golf course outings piling up six months into Donald's presidency Newsweek 07/20/2017
Robert Mueller conflict of interest? He left Trump National Golf Club over fees Golf News Net 07/20/2017
Donald Trump's own golf tournament now has failing ratings Newsweek 07/19/2017
House Democrats say Potomac should stay open near Trump golf course The Washington Post 07/19/2017
Republican governors spent over $400K at Trump golf course The Hill 07/19/2017
Is the presidency good for Trump's business? Not necessarily at this golf course. The Boston Globe 07/18/2017
Spectators at golf tournament often direct gaze toward Trump THe Washington Post 07/18/2017
Coast Guard wants to kick boats off Potomac River when president is golfing The Washington Post 07/17/2017
Trump continues to talk up appearances at his golf club for U.S. Women's Open Los Angeles Times 07/16/2017
Golf: Trump's presence felt at U.S. Women's Open Reuters 07/15/2017
Trump likely headed to U.S. Women's Open this weekend in New Jersey USA Today 07/10/2017
Prepare for a Trump cameo at the most prestigious women's golf tournament Vanity Fair 07/10/2017
After Trump comment, Lincicome taking Twitter break Golf Channel 07/09/2017
Trump personally pockets club membership fees, breaking with industry norms McClatchy DC Bureau 07/07/2017
Why doesn't Donald Trump drive his super -fast golf cart everywhere? Vanity Fair 07/06/2017
Phil Mickelson tabbed to design future Trump Organization golf course in Bali CBS Sports 07/06/2017
Fahrenthold's next project: Trump golf partners Axios 07/06/2017
Trump has been to his golf club in Virginia 11 times as president--and beyond the Mississippi once The Washington Post 07/05/2017
How many times has President Donald Trump played golf while in office? Golf News Net 07/01/2017
Trump's first July fourth as President will be low-key, and mostly spent playing golf Vanity Fair 06/30/2017
Donald Trump's golf courses displayed fake Time magazine cover Rolling Stone 06/27/2017
Brookings Institution takes on biggest charitable tax break used by President Trump Forbes 06/24/2017
President Trump angers golf fans by driving golf cart on green The Washington Post 06/23/2017
Trump golfing? Aides won't say, but video tells the tale CNN Politics 06/23/2017
Trump Organization seeks hefty tax break for Westchester golf club ABC News 06/21/2017
Kirk Cousins plays a round of golf with President Trump The Washington Post 06/14/2017
Trump Spends Weekend At Bedminster Golf Club In Wake Of Comey Testimony CBS New York 06/10/2017
How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business Forbes 06/06/2017
Trump pledges to 'work every single day' to fight terror, hours after golfing with Peyton Manning The Washington Post 06/05/2017
Peyton Manning joins Trump at golf club CNN Politics 06/04/2017
At the 'Summer White House', you are never far from a Trump photo New York Times 06/03/2017
Trump golf course struggles in the Bronx, where many can't afford to play New York Times 06/02/2017
Golf tournament says 'adios' to Trump's Doral course Miami Herald 06/01/2017
Senior P.G.A. Championship, Held at Trump National Golf Club, Draws Protests New York Times 05/28/2017
For Trump's golf course, PGA tournament is 'the greatest marketing in the world' The Washington Post 05/26/2017
Senior PGA at Trump National D.C. kicks off big summer for Donald Trump's golf interests Golf 05/24/2017
John Daly thinks President Trump is doing a hell of a job Golf Digest 05/24/2017
Flash mob of 200 spells out 'RESIST!' at Trump golf club near Los Angeles ABC News 05/14/2017
Trump 'hits a few balls' on Mother's Day New York Post 05/14/2017
Instagram proves key to exposing the rounds of golf President Trump tries to keep secret People 05/08/2017
Reporters scour Instagram to keep up on Trump weekend outings CBS News 05/07/2017
Donald Trump's Thrifty Vacation to New Jersey The Atlantic 05/06/2017
'Spend Your Free Time In A Red State': A motorcade of protesters rolls by Trump's N.J. property The Washington Post 05/06/2017
A Day (And A Cheeseburger) With President Trump WBUR 05/05/2017
Did bankrupt Trump golf course in Puerto Rico leave taxpayers on the hook? Politifact 05/04/2017
Judicial Watch Releases First Set of Numbers on President Trump Travel Judicial Watch 05/04/2017
Flying Trump to Mar-a-Lago twice cost at least $1.2 million AP News 05/04/2017
Donald Trump has plaque at his golf course commemorating civil war battle that never happened Golf Digest 05/02/2017
Feds Expected To Reimburse Security Costs When Trump Visits His Bedminster Club CBS New York 05/02/2017
Trump travels to his golf club in Va. The Hill 04/30/2017
Donald Trump says he 'couldn't care less about golf' Golf 04/29/2017
Trump says trips to New York City cost the US too much Fox News 04/29/2017
Chelsea Handler Begs Trump to Spend More Time Golfing, Less Time President-ing Daily Beast 04/27/2017
Watch Caitlyn Jenner on Why She Won't Play Golf With President Trump Rolling Stone 04/26/2017
Report: Trump likely to make U.S. Women's Open site Bedminster his summer getaway Golf 04/24/2017
Trump, The Golfer In Chief NPR Weekend Edition Sunday 04/23/2017
This week in Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest: It’s good to be the kids Salon 04/22/2017
Trump voters don't believe he has played more golf than Obama in first 3 months Business Insider 04/20/2017
Fact Check: Are President Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago similar to Obama's travels? Chicago Tribune 04/19/2017
What Eric Trump really thinks of his father's frequent golf trips New York Daily News 04/18/2017
How much do Donald Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago cost? Politifact 04/18/2017
It’s not just the golf: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ethics mess gets worse MSNBC 04/17/2017
Who plays more golf: Donald Trump or Barack Obama? Politifact 04/17/2017
How Donald Trump became the golfer-in-chief The Guardian 04/17/2017
A rare look at Trump playing golf Axios 04/14/2017
Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year CNN Politics 04/10/2017
Trump spotted at Florida golf club The Hill 04/09/2017
President Trump to return to Palm Beach for Easter weekend Palm Beach Daily News 04/09/2017
Donald Trump's travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama spent in two years Independent 04/06/2017
First Family's Needs Strain Secret Service New York Times 04/06/2017
When Xi Jinping Visits Trump at Mar-a-Lago, ‘Nothing Involving Golf Clubs’ New York Times 04/05/2017
Trump Spends Way, Way More Taxpayer Money Golfing Than Obama Did Time 04/05/2017
Tracking the President's Visits to Trump Properties New York Times 04/05/2017
Rory McIlroy says he would ‘think twice’ about playing golf with Trump again The Washington Post 04/04/2017
Trump National Golf Club Vandalized, Course Spray-Painted NBC Universal Media 04/03/2017
Why Trump's golf diplomacy won't work with China's Xi Jinping CNN Politics 04/03/2017
On Golf Course, Trump Talks Health Care With Dr. Rand Paul NBC News 04/02/2017
Trump hits the golf course to talk healthcare with Republican critic Rand Paul Business Insider 04/02/2017
Trump Tees Off With Rand Paul to Show GOP ‘Love’ on Health Care Bloomberg 04/02/2017
White House said Donald Trump was in meetings, but he was pictured golfing (again) Independent 03/31/2017
New Yorker Cover Takes a Swing at Trump's White House Mother Jones 03/31/2017
Taxpayers pick up the tab for Trump’s pricey golf excursions Los Angeles Times 03/29/2017
The L.P.G.A. Tour and Donald Trump: It’s Complicated New York Times 03/28/2017
Nearly 1 out of every 3 days he has been president, Trump has visited a Trump property The Washington Post 03/26/2017
Sean Spicer wants you to know that Trump’s golfing is strategic and/or not happening The Washington Post 03/20/2017
Was Trump Golfing? White House Shrouds Time at His Clubs in Mystery New York Times 03/19/2017
Trump makes latest visit to golf club The Hill 03/18/2017
Trump’s questionable Irish proverb, Paul Ryan’s ‘despicable’ pint and other St. Patrick’s Day mishaps The Washington Post 03/17/2017
How much is Donald Trump’s travel and protection costing, anyway? The Washington Post 03/17/2017
Environmental activists deface popular Trump golf course in California Chicago Tribune 03/12/2017
With Trump in White House, His Golf Properties Prosper New York Times 03/09/2017
Protest group collects 100K signatures urging USGA to 'dump Trump' Golf 03/07/2017
Trump visits golf course after tweeting Obama wiretap accusations Washington Examiner 03/04/2017
Weekend Getaways and Golf Outings: How Trump Is Repeating Behaviors He Criticized in Obama People 03/03/2017
Rory McIlroy 'taken aback' by reaction to playing golf with Donald Trump CNN Sport 03/01/2017
A tee time with Trump? Pro golfers say absolutely New York Times 02/23/2017
Trump's aides don't want to admit the President is golfing CNN Politics 02/20/2017
Trump’s first month of travel expenses cost taxpayers just less than what Obama spent in a year Think Progress 02/20/2017
Donald Trump goes golfing five more times than Barack Obama so far Independent 02/18/2017
Here's how much Trump's Florida trips are likely costing taxpayers CNBC 02/17/2017
Trump Criticized Obama for Golfing. Now He Spends Weekends on the Links. New York Times 02/12/2017
Trump flying to Florida again for golf with Japanese prime minister Washington Times 02/09/2017
Donal Trump has an ace, but lots of AT&T golf failure James Raia 02/05/2017
Trump weekend trip to Florida cost taxpayer $3M: report The Hill 02/03/2017
Inside the lawsuit against President Trump's Jupiter, Fla. Club Golf 02/03/2017
Conflict of interest fear as Trump looks to expand Scotland golf resort Independent 01/19/2017
How good is Donald Trump the golfer? Golfworld 01/17/2017
Lessons from playing golf with Trump The New Yorker 01/14/2017
Is Donald Trump lying about having a three handicap? The Guardian 10/27/2016
Golfers Say Trump Reneged on Deal New York Times 02/26/2016

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