*From:* Mike Bender <xxx@wsj.com>
*Date:* November 5, 2017 at 11:06:42 AM GMT+9
*Subject:**Travel Pool 4: Yakota Air Base greeting*

POTUS deplaned at Yakota Air Base in Tokyo at 10:48 a.m. local time with FLOTUS, where its 60 degrees and blue skies. The first couple waved to the crowd before being absorbed by their greeters. (Full list of greeters below). They spent a few minutes shaking hands with the crowd. Pool was kept too far away to hear any of the conversations, but it appeared to be largely friendly interactions.

Hell be addressing troops shortly. Remarks are open press.

His events with PM Abe are scheduled to start after his remarks: lunch, golf, dinner. Some pool sprays are expected.

Participant List Air Force One Arrival in Tokyo, Japan:

Met By:

Ambassador William F. Hagerty - United States Ambassador to Japan

Mrs. Chrissy Hagerty - Spouse of Ambassador Hagerty

H.E. Taro Kono - Foreign Minister of Japan

Ms. Kaori Kono - Spouse of Foreign Minister Taro Kono

H.E. Kenichiro Sasae - Japanese Ambassador to the United States

Ms. Nobuko Sasae - Spouse of Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae

Lt Gen Jerry P. Martinez - Commander, United States Forces Japan

Mrs. Kim Martinez - Spouse of Lt Gen Jerry P. Martinez

Maj Gen Charles G. Chiarotti - Deputy Commander, United States Forces Japan

Mrs. Joan Chiarotti - Spouse of Maj Gen Charles G. Chiarotti

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