*From:* "Nakamura, David" <xxx@washpost.com>
*Date:* November 6, 2017 at 12:26:41 PM GMT+9
*Subject:**Travel pool 9/arrival ceremony with Abe and koi pond *

Motorcade departed Emperor's residence at 11:40 am.. after short drive thru city we arrived at the government palace where Potus and Flotus joined PM Abe and Mrs Abe in a lavish welcome ceremony and review of troops. Servers red carpets were laid out and the group stood at attention for the two national anthems before Abe led Trump to review the troops. Then they greeted the US and Japan delegations. US side included Kushner, Tillerson, Dina Powell, McMaster, Haggerty and Matt Pottinger.

Then the leaders were escorted to the back of the building for lunch in a dining room overlooking a koi pond. The leaders chatted while waking along a path covered in pebbles and then Abe showed Trump some items incl food for the fish and small wooden boxes, they entered the building and aides opened a glass screen door and a Japanese aide clapped loudly above the pond perhaps to get the attention of the fish. The two leaders then leaned out and began throwing spoonfuls of the food into the water, before eventually turning over the bowls and dumping the rest out.

Inside the delegations sat across from each other directly on floor covered with straw tatami mats at a long low table for lunch. Trump and Abe we in middle of their respective delegations facing one another. Abe and Trump gave brief opening remarks:

Abe: "I want to express my heart-felt condolences" on Texas shooting. Thanked Trump for Ivanka Patric in WAW and said a "fever" for her among the Japanese. Said he enjoyed golf and looked forward to talking North Korea and other issues over lunch.
Said US-Japan alliance cornerstone of Asia security.

Trump thanked Abe for being a great friend and thanked him for gold with pro Matsuyama. Said they will talk trade and security. "We will continue to have a relationship that's even better than we've ever had with Japan."

Pooler tried again to ask Potus about gun control but WH aides forced us to leave. Holding now inside palace.

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