*From:* Chris Johnson [mailto:xxx@washblade.com]
*Sent:* Friday, November 17, 2017 1:16 PM
*Subject:* Pool Report #2 NCAA event

Pool escorted at 11:25 into the Rose Garden, where NCAA teams were waiting on bleachers in preparation for a photo op. It was the first in a series of stops following the president around the White House grounds as he greeted each of the athletes and took photos with them.

Penn State Women's Rugby was positioned on the steps approaching the Oval Office, while theTexas A&M Women's Equestrian team and theTexas A&M Men's Indoor Track & Field team were positioned on either side of the Rose Garden. The delegation fromPenn State Men's Wrestlingwas also present in the Rose Garden.

POTUS, wearing a dark suit and a red tie, entered at 11:35 as the Marine Corps Marching Band began to play nearby from the South Lawn.

POTUS first approached the Penn State team. The conversation was inaudible, but judging by laughter of team, POTUS apparently told a joke. Posing for a photo, POTUS held up a mock Penn State jersey assigned to "Mr. President" and number 45 before receiving a thank you from the team.

POTUS then turned to the delegation from thePenn State Men's Wrestling team. Posing for a photo, POTUS first held up a polo shirt representing the team, then joined the athletes in a wrestling pose as cameras clicked.

Next up was theTexas A&M Men's Indoor Track & Field team. POTUS shook hands with the athletes and gave a thumbs up in pose for photo.

Pool escorted out of the Rose Garden at 11:39 and directed nearly to the South Portico. The University of Maryland men and women's lacrosse teams were positioned on the steps on either side of the South Portico. On bleachers at the edge of the South Lawn were theUniversity of Washington Women's Rowing Team and theOhio State Men's Volleyball Team.

POTUS approached the South Portico area at 11:42 and first approached theUniversity of Washington Women's Rowing team.

As POTUS joined the team on the bleachers to pose for a photo, one of the team members made a joke about POTUS being surrounded by women. The exact comment and response from POTUS weren't audible, but your pooler is checking with sound to get clarification.

Next up was theOhio State Men's Volleyball Team. POTUS could he heard saying "great school" and "congratulations." Posing for the photo, POTUS gave double thumbs up and held up an Ohio State jersey. POTUS then took a volleyball from a player and smacked it into the air. A player at the back of bleachers caught the ball to laughter and applause.

Nearby was Gary Cohen, who said, "They're from my state," and, "I'll take them down," presumably in reference to escorting the Ohio State team to the next part of the event.

POTUS then proceeded to exchange pleasantries with Maryland lacrosse teams, making a joke about how they should both play each other. One of the members of the men's team was wearing a tie with the name "Trump" inscribed in the pattern. POTUS grabbed the tie for a photo with the athlete. The athlete was later identified as Dylan Malta of Virginia.

With the women's team, POTUS told the photographer, "Take a couple more just to be sure." POTUS apparently said something funny and perhaps off-color based on both the gasps and laughter of the team. POTUS shook their hands as they exited.

"A lot of great athletes," POTUS said before entering the South Portico at 11:51.

Your pooler shouted a question about why he tweeted about Franken, but not Moore. No answer from POTUS, who didn't seem to hear the question as he entered the White House.

Pool then escorted into the East Room of the White House at 11:53, where POTUS was already seen speaking with athletes. Now accompanying him was Betsy DeVos, who remained with POTUS and greeted the teams for the remainder of the event.

POTUS was first seen speaking with theOklahoma Men's Golf team at the north end of the room. POTUS proceeded with the Oklahoma Women's softballteam, took a photo with them, them paused with the teamto bow his head in prayer. POTUS then proceeded to theOklahoma Men's Gymnastics team, shook hands and posed for a photo before pool was escorted out at 12:02

Next up was the Green Room, where theMcKendree Women's Bowling team awaited. POTUS entered at 12:04 with a clap of his arms. Pool then escorted to the Blue Rom with the Utah Skiing team at 12:07 and was moved out shortly after POTUS entered and greeted team.

In the Red Room, theWest Virginia Rifle team awaited POTUS. Upon entering at 12:10, POTUS remarked, "Second Amendment, right? Save the Second Amendment!" POTUS told the team West Virginia had a "great governor" and was experiencing economic growth.

"West Virginia doing well," POTUS said to the press as he turned around from the team."Shall we let them see the Oval Office? I think so," he added.

As pool was escorted out, POTUS had an exchange with one athlete who said he had a GPA of 3.92. "I like that," POTUS replied. The athlete then joked about being interested in a seat on the Federal Reserve and the nomination of Jerome Powell. POTUS asked, "Do you like the choice of Powell?" then said the nominee is "going to be good."

At 12:12, pool escorted into the final destination of the State Room. Positioned there were theVirginia Men's Tennis,Florida Baseball andArizona State Women's Triathlon teams. POTUS greeted each of them and posed with them for a photo.

Pool then escorted out into the Grand Foyer at 12:18 before being escorted out of the North Portico.

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