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More extended quotes from President Trumps second pool spray at Bedmister National.

On U.S. military presence in Asia: Were going to look at whats happening in Asia. Were looking at it right now. Were constantly looking at it. I dont like to signal what Im going to be doing, but we are certainly looking at it and obviously were spending a lot of time looking at in particular North Korea and we are preparing for many different alternative events.

He has disrespected our country greatly. He has said things that are horrific. And with me hes not getting away with it. He got away with it for a long time, between him and his family. Hes not getting away with it. This is a whole new ballgame. Hes not going to be saying those things and hes certainly not going to be doing those things. I read about were in Guam by Aug. 15. Lets see what he does with Guam. He does something in Guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobodys seen before, what will happen in North Korea.

Q: What does that mean? Youll see. Youll see. Hell see.

Q: Is that a dare? Its not a dare. Its a statement. It has nothing to do with dare. Thats a statement. Hes not going to go around threatening Guam and hes not going to threaten the United States and hes not going to threaten Japan and hes not going to threaten South Korea. Thats not a dare, as you say. That is a statement of fact.

On U.S. nuclear posture: Nuclear to me, number one, I would like to de-nuke the world. I know that President Obama said global warming is the biggest threat. I totally disagree

Id like to de-nuke the world. I would like Russia, the United States and China and Pakistan and many other countries that have nuclear weapons get rid of them. But until such time that they do, we will be the most powerful nuclear nation on earth, by far.

On anti-missile defenses: Were going to be increasing our budget by many billions of dollars because of North Korea and other reasons having to do with the anti-missile. . Well probably be able to report that over the next week., because as you know, we reduced it by 5 percent but Ive decided I dont want that. Were going to be increasing the anti-missile by a substantial number of billions.

On with nuclear agreement with Iran: I dont think theyre living up to the spirit of the agreement. President Obama in his wisdom gave them $150 billion. He gave them $1.8 billion in cash. Thats a hard one to figure. But that was his decision. I think its a horrible agreement. But they are not in compliance with the agreement and they certainly are not in the spirit of the agreement in compliance, and I think youll see some very strong things taking place if they dont get themselves in compliance.

On leak investigations: Were looking. Were always looking. We have two leaks. You have the leaks coming out of intelligence and various departments having to do with Syria, having to do with all sorts of different places, having to do frankly with North Korea. And those are very serious. And then you have the leaks where people want to love me and theyre all fighting for love. Those are not very important but certainly we dont like them. Those are little inner-White House leaks. Theyre not very important. But actually Im somewhat honored by them. But the important leaks and the leaks that the Attorney General is looking at very strongly are the leaks coming out of intelligence and we have to stop them for the security and the national security of our country.

Thought about dismissing Mueller? I havent given it any thought. Well, Ive been reading about it from you people. You say, Oh, Im going to dismiss him. No, Im not dismissing anybody. I mean, I want them to get on with the task. But I also want the Senate and the House to come out with their findings. Now, judging from the people leaving the meetings, they leave the meetings all the time and they say we havent found anything.

On Mueller investigation: Were working with him. We have a situation thats very unusual. There was no collusion between us and Russia. In fact, the opposite. Russia spent a lot of money on fighting me.

We have an investigation of something that never took place. And all I say is work with them, because this is an event that never took place. Now, as far as somebody else, where did they file the right papers, or did they forget to file a paper. You know like I guarantee that if we went around and looked at everybody who made a speech r whatever these people did, thats up to them. Did they do something wrong because they didnt file the right document or whatever? Perhaps, youd have to look at them, but there are probably a lot of people in Washington who have done the same thing.

Given harsh criticism of Democrats, how will you bring them in on other bills like infrastructure? Well, well have to see. Im not sure that we will bring them in. Maybe well bring them in, maybe not. I think the infrastructure bill will be bipartisan and quite frankly, I might have more support from the Democrats. I want a very strong infrastructure bill. Weve as of this moment spent over $6 trillion in the Middle East. When I say spent, weve wasted $6 trillion in the Middle East, and yet we cant fix our roads and our bridges and our schools and our airports, and I think thats a very sad situation.

On McConnell and his wife, the Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao: Elaine is doing a very good job. Were very proud of Elaine as secretary of Transportation, as you know. Shes doing a very good job. Im very disappointed in Mitch. If he gets these bills passed, Ill be very happy with him and Ill be the first to admit it.:

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