*From:* "Radnofsky, Louise" <xxx@wsj.com> *Date:* August 11, 2017 at 4:19:44 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Out of town pool 3c: Workforce development remarks*

Pool was in a sideroom of the clubhouse, watching POTUS speak with Betsy DeVos to one side and Alex Acosta to the other. Andrew Bremberg sat to Secretary Acosta's left, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were at either end of the table.
The president read about three minutes of prepared remarks, opening by mentioning job gains in the last seven months, record stock market highs, a 16-year unemployment lows and unprecedented optimism from manufacturers, plus Foxconn investment and a desire to see every job moved back to the United States filled with an American worker. He also name-checked initiatives with Germany on women entrepreneurs.

On the apprenticeship initiative announced in June (the subject of his briefing today from Ms. DeVos and Mr. Acosta): "We're expanding pathways to success, so important, and apprenticeships are one of the many avenues that we need to reach out that are completely debt free. And who knows more about the word apprentice than Donald Trump? In fact, under the apprenticeship, you earn while you learn, so important, and so great, and you love getting up in the morning and going to work, and a lot of great things involved here." *
* The president said the meeting would discuss ways to expand apprenticeship opportunities for women and minorities, who have been "truly underpresentative, really, I guess you could say underrepresented" particularly in STEM, for decades. "We want all of our citizens, every single citizen, including women and minorities, to have access to high paying tech jobs and other STEM-related jobs."
Conclusion before questions: "American workers are the best there is anywhere in the world, and we're finding work for them... they've built the skyscrapers of our cities, the roads and bridges across our land, and they'll be building plenty of new roads and bridges by the way."
Pool is holding in vans again by the golf course. Trump National clock says it's 4.19pm.

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