*From:* "Takaaki Abe" <xxx@ntvnews.com>
*Date:* April 17, 2018 at 5:24:44 PM EDT
*Subject:* *POTUS Foreign Pool Report #4, 4/17/18 (1:1 bilat)*

You already have David Nakamuras pool reports and official transcript, but

Pool was ushered in 1:1 bilat at 3PM.

Both leaders took a seat on the sofa, and made some remarks.

POTUS said they will discuss about trade, military, security, etc.

PM Abe (spoke in Japanese) expressed appreciation for Donald who invited him to Mar-a-Lago again. He also said they will having an in-depth discussions mainly on two topics, North Korea and the economy.

POTUS said the possible meeting with Kim Jong-un will be probably in early June or a little before. He also mentioned they will play round of golf, if possible, tomorrow morning..

At the end, David Nakamura asked the location of the summit between POTUS and Kim Jong-un, and POTUS said Were looking at five different locations.

Pool was ushered out at 3:11PM.

I asked about the five locations to a US official afterward, but he simply said I dont know.

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