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*Sent:* Thursday, June 7, 2018 1:02 PM
*Subject:* Pool Report #4: More from Oval Office questions on North Korea etc

Question on this being a photo-op with Kim? (continued)

Well, its gonna be much more than a photo-op. I think its a process. Ive told you that many times before. I think its not a one meeting deal. It would be wonderful if it were, you know, theyve been doing this for a long time. Theyve got a lot of enemies out there. A lot, a lot of dislike, a lot of hatred between countries. And this will not be just a photo-op. This will be at a minimum, well start with, perhaps, a good relationship, and thats something thats very important toward the ultimate making of a deal. Id love to say it could happen in one deal, maybe it can. They have to denuke. If they dont denuclearize, that will not be acceptable. We cannot take sanctions off. The sanctions are extraordinarily powerful, we cannot and I could add a lot more, but I dont, Ive chosen not to do that at this time. But that may happen.

By the way, with Iran, were adding tremendously powerful sanctions. They understand that very well. I think Iran already is not the same country.You look, I dont think theyre looking so much to the Mediterranean like they were two months ago. So, its a big difference. It was number one nuclear, but also out of it, you also get the side benefit that Iran is a different place. And youll see what happens, and maybe ultimately something will happen with Iran.

For our meeting next week, I think its gonna be a very fruitful meeting, I think its gonna be an exciting meeting, I think were gonna get to know a lot of people that our country never got to know. This is something that should have been handled many years ago by other presidents. It shouldnt be handled now, it should have been handled years ago. But it is being handled now, and Ill take care of it. Thank you very much.

How long will you stay? One, two, depending on what happens.

Any chance youll play golf during the summit? No. Id love to, but no.

There seems to be another question and answer here pooler could not hear well in the room.

Dennis Rodman?

I didnt know about Dennis Rodman.

Apparently hes going to be in Singapore.

I like him. Hes a nice guy.

The president did not answer a question about whether Paul Ryan should stay speaker of the House as part of the pool was already out of the room.

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