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*Date:* June 28, 2018 at 1:11:24 PM CDT
*Subject:* *Travel pool 6/Foxconn warehouse tour *

After a short drive from groundbreaking, Motorcade pulled up to a giant Foxconn branded warehouse that houses with numerous displays of Foxconn capabilities and signs touting the new technology park that will be constructed. Pool was brought first to a model display of the campus. To our left was a demonstration featuring automated machines. Trump and Gou, along with a guide and another man, approached the model. Trump and Gou both had red ties. The guide explained the campus and pool could hear Potus ask: How many feet altogether including residences? Later, Potus said it would be 20 million feet which he called one of the largest developments ever built in the world. He called it an incredible achievement for Wisconsin. Products made here are like nothing weve ever built in our country.
POTUS then examined a visual display board and the automated machinery.
Pool was then taken to a display of a non-invasive brain cancer treatment machine which one official from the company that operates it (Zap-X?) said dealt with targeted radiation on tumors for outpatients. Said patients can play golf just hours after treatment.
This may be the only time Ive seen the media where they are impressed. ... eighteen months ago none of this was here. It was a field. Were going to make all of this equipment the best in the world, including robotics, which theyre starting soon.
On the way out pooler asked the president about his meeting with Putin. He replied: Were looking forward to it. If we could all get along it would be great. The world has to start getting along.
Pool was ushered into another area at 1 pm where a crowd was assembled for Gou and Trump to make remarks.

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