From: "Gillman, Todd"
Date: February 3, 2019 at 6:28:29 PM EST
Subject: Travel pool #7/arrival at club

The presidential motorcade arrived at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 6:12 after a short drive from Mar a Lago.

The president and first lady will watch the Super Bowl here, through halftime, we think.

First on the agenda was a performance by the Florida Atlantic University Marching Band. The first couple stood in the arch of the entrance and watched. Five pompoms in front of about two dozen musicians. After a few numbers the president suggested getting a few photos. He shook a few hands and then stood in the center as they gathered around him.

He gestured at the pool and told the students, "That's the media. You ever hear of the media?" Then to the photographers, "Make sure it's a good one."

As he walked in he turned to the pool and said "Enjoy yourselves."

Motorcade color:
Perhaps a couple dozen people held signs and waved as we crossed the bridge. Signs included the sports themed "Most Valuable President" with the words stacked so it said MVP.

Todd J. Gillman
Washington Bureau Chief
Dallas Morning News (
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