From: Andrew Restuccia
Date: March 24, 2019 at 6:57:10 PM EDT
Subject: Travel pool report #14 — Marine One

The president, wearing a red tie, deplaned at 6:49 pm. He waved and walked down the stairs. He paused and waved to reporters and said, “Thank you,” and then walked to Marine One.

Mulvaney, still wearing the air cast, Lindsey Graham (in a red/orange golf shirt and white hat) and Scavino followed him off the plane.

Marine One was airborne at 6:56 pm.

Hogan popped by at the end of the flight to say the president was in the cockpit for the landing. He said it was Col. Bruce Ybarra’s last flight. Ybarra is retiring.

Hogan also said that Pat Cipollone and Emmet Flood briefed the president about Barr’s summary of the report in his private quarters at Mar-a-Lago. See reference to that in the previous report.

Handing off to in-town pool after a very busy weekend. As always, thanks to the advance staffers, wranglers and Secret Service agents for being so patient with us.

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