Who Are Trump's Golfing Partners?

Name Partner Type(s) Golf Date(s)
Shinzo Abe World Leader 02/11/2017, 11/05/2017
John Arrigo Business Exec 02/04/2017
Bob Corker Business Exec, Politician 06/04/2017
Kirk Cousins Athlete 06/10/2017
Ernie Els Athlete 02/11/2017
Brad Faxon Athlete 11/24/2017
Mike Fazio Business Exec 08/09/2017
Sean Frost Athlete, Business Exec 03/05/2017
David Frost Athlete, Business Exec 02/04/2017, 03/05/2017
Lindsey Graham Politician, Lawyer 10/09/2017, 10/14/2017
Dustin Johnson Athlete 11/24/2017
Viktor Knavs Business Exec 06/24/2017
Richard Levine Business Exec, Friend 02/19/2017, 08/09/2017
Peyton Manning Athlete 06/04/2017
Hideki Matsuyama Athlete 11/05/2017
Rory McIlroy Athlete 02/19/2017
Nick Mullen Business Exec 02/19/2017
Mick Mulvaney Politician, Lawyer 04/02/2017, 10/22/2017
John Nieporte Athlete 02/04/2017
Rand Paul Politician 04/02/2017, 10/15/2017
Tiger Woods Athlete 11/24/2017

This table only displays golf partners who have been reported in mainstream media articles.

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